1000‰ Linux
Hi, I'm a hobbyist C/bash programmer enjoying Linux since 2004.
I live in Montreal and speak French natively, using English most of the time since
it's a popular/standard language in computing development.
I do a little openGL 3D coding and coded an IRC bot named codybot.
My other server:
Website of the GNU/Linux distro I use:
Daily generated .iso images/installer:
Dailies generated by one of the official developer:
ISOs I host (monthly): iso
Non-official Lunar docker images (monthly):
There's a #lunar channel on the Libera network: ( guide or webchat or use your favorite IRC client program.)
My source code:
code archives
Local system documentation (Debian Bookworm 12): /usr/share/doc
Programming documentation: docs
Special characters: chars.html
Youtube playlists of videos I like:
→ Me with a baritone guitar: playlist
→ Favs: playlist
→ Rockish favs: playlist
→ Nirvana - From the muddy banks of the Wishkah (to me _the_ best Nirvana album... not all tracks, but lots of videos):
→ J-S Bach Lute from Goran Sollscher:
My program called "devel"
My favorite wallpaper ^^
Donations welcome:
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